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Guest Reviews

What Our Guests are Saying About Belvedere Retreat

Thank you so much for making my stay at your beautiful property so very enjoyable.
The animals are so friendly and well looked after. I was glad to have the opportunity to share the time with them and be able to help with the feeding. 
I am enjoying the eggs and the tomatoes, so much more tasty than the ones here in Sydney.
Keep up the good work with all the Rescue Animals, they are now living in Paradise for the rest of their lives. 
I came home relaxed and peaceful, a time to wind down which I needed. 
Sincerely, Joy
* * * *
Dear Huw, Dear Walter,
Thank you so much for being my favourite 'Home away from home'. You both are two wonderful people with such a good heart. Thank You for Everything. 
Love, Yours, Elly.   
* * * *
Just Stunning, as usual. Thank you so much, again and again. World Class!!
JJ & Alan XX  
* * * *
Thank you so much for the amazing experience that you have provided us.  It was absolutely more than perfect!!  Beautiful surroundings and deco and warm hospitality. Looking forward to coming back again soon.
Ina, Yangmi & LiJane    
* * * *
Dear Walter & Huw, Thank you for sharing your tranquil home/retreat with us.  The serenity of these surroundings is perfectly complemented by your hospitality, friendship and Buddhist ways.  As Mim says: it is the perfect "Honeymoon Hotel". 
Sarah & Andrew    
* * * *
There are not enough superlatives to describe our stay at "Belvedere".  Huw and Walter, Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.  The animals were such a joy to see and interact with.  Just an incredible time with you both.  Thank You. Thank You. 
* * * *
Now Korea is Winter, but here is summer.  I am happy, because play with animals.  I feel good which is play with animals, Korea is Winter so I like this place.  Everyone have a happy time in the Walters house.  Heavenly place.  You should feel love.  "C'est Bon".
* * * *
Beautiful scenery and accommodation, as well as excellent hospitality, from Walter and Huw.
Thank You, David Ralph  
* * * *
Absolutely stunning scenery! Great hospitality!  What a treat!
Thank you for everything, Walter & Huw!


Apostolos Bekirakis    
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